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FacebookPlease visit our Facebook page to view a diverse collection of our animal medical photographs. These images are a compilation of photographs of many animal medical conditions seen at our hospital over the past 27 years. This collection contiues to be a work in progress with new photos being added almost every day.

Client Pets and Animal Photo Album
Hanna Photo

Photos of client and owner animals brought into the Jones Animal Hospital for treatment and care.

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Congenital, Growth and Breed Disorder Photo Album
Hairlip Photo

Examples of physical genetic disorders, birth, growth and breed defects.

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Digital Imaging Photo Album
Colorized Radiograph Photo

This section covers both normal and abnormal soft tissue and bone disease showing digital radiographs, MRI and CT scans.

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Diagnostic & Medical Procedure Photo Album
Blood Typing Photo

This album shows various diagnostic procedures and medical treatment.

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Ear Photo Album
Inflammed External Pinna Photo

Infected ears do not get better on their own. Diseased ears must be treated and these photos tell the story. These photos show both the external and internal ear anatomy.

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Eye Photo Album
Eye with Cataract Photo

We examine and treat a wide variety of eye problems.

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Exotic Animal Photo Album
Hamster with Protective Vest Photo

Our exotic animal collection ranges from the small to the large. We see mice, rats, hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, and opossums and see animals not welcomed by other clinics. We see and treat rescue birds and wildlife.

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Foot Photo Album
Dog with Extrememly Long Nails Photo

These photographs illustrate a variety of disease and medical conditions involving animal's feet. Please see section 2 on why not to declaw your cat.

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Medical Photo Album
Feet Photo

These medical photographs illustrate our extensive experience in treating a wide variety of animal diseases and trauma cases conditions seen at the Jones Animal Hospital over the years. Fortunately, we are now able to share them with you.

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Mouth Photo Album
Retained Deciduous Teeth and Tartar Photo

These photos illustrate a variety of conditions that can affect the mouth and the oral cavity of animals.

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Neuromuscular Photo Album
Dog  unable to Support himself Photo

This photo album shows neuromuscular disorders that can occur in dogs and cats.

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Nose Photo Album
Nose with Lupus Photo

An animal's nose leads the way. Often disease occurs here first eg, injury, infection, auto immune disease, and foreign body inhalation.

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Opossum Photo Album
Feet Photo

Dr. Jones is known throughout the country for his experience and expertise with Virginia Opossums. He has published and submitted articles on opossum care and diseases. You will find over 600 photographs of opossum anatomy and pathology.

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Skin Photo Album
Severe Allergic Reaction Photo

Some consider the skin as being the largest organ of the body. Its function is to protect the rest of the body from insult. Much can go wrong.

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Surgery & Pathology Photo Album
Large Hanging Tumor Photo

The purpose of surgery is to repair, correct and diagnose.Warning!! If you are not medically inclined many of these photos may upset you.

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Urogenital Photo Album
Bladder Stones Photo

The urogenital system includes all the reproductive organs as well as the kidneys, ureters,bladder, urethra, and the external genitalia.

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