About Us

Dr. JonesThe Jones Animal Hospital is privately owned and has served the West Los Angeles and Santa Monica area since 1981. Our goal is to provide the best high quality compassionate veterinary care to exceed our client's expectations. We have up to date in house veterinary diagnostic equipment for the most efficient diagnosis of your pet as possible. We work alongside the most complete veterinary diagnostics labs available with twice a day pick up of submitted samples with results within twenty four hours. The hospital also has an extensive medical library that is used to promote education. We are a private and friendly medical facility with a strong desire to do what is right for all animals.

Dr. Kenneth Jones

Dr. Kenneth Jones graduated from UC Davis veterinary school in 1973 and has practiced veterinary medicine in the Westside, Santa Monica area ever since. After a three-year internship he perfected his veterinary skills by focusing on all aspects of animal health. In 1981, he opened the Jones Animal Rights Hospital and devoted his life to improving the health and well being of all animals. Dr. Jones believes in life-long learning and desires to share his knowledge with others by keeping up to date in veterinary medicine and continuing education.

Dr. Jones is currently licensed in California and Hawaii. During trips to his house in Hawaii, he has treated pigs, goats and lemurs. He has worked with tigers, bob cats, wolves, jaguars, leopards, and lynx. He has extensive knowledge about Virginia opossums.

He has been working with the Santa Monica Animal Shelter since 1986.